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Minister of Labour Seeking Applications for Appointment to Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Council


The Government of Ontario has taken another step towards the implementation of Bill 160, the Occupational Health and Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, 2011 by beginning the process of appointing members to the Prevention Council. 

The Prevention Council was created by Bill 160 to advise the Minister of Labour on the appointment of the Chief Prevention Officer and thereafter, to advise the Chief Prevention Officer on the exercise of his duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These duties include, among other things, the prevention of workplace injuries and occupational diseases, the development of a provincial occupational health and safety strategy, and other matters assigned by the Minister of Labour.

The Minister of Labour is currently accepting applications for the appointment of four employer representatives, four labour representatives, a non-union representative, an occupational health and safety expert, and a workers’ compensation expert to the Prevention Council. Interested parties may apply by submitting an application form to the Public Appointments Secretariat by March 21, 2012.

We encourage interested employer representatives to consider applying for appointment to the Prevention Council. The Prevention Council’s broad mandate means the Council will play a significant role in the future of occupational health and safety in Ontario and it may be advisable for employers to take this opportunity to help shape that future.

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