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Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Not so temporary after all


Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has come under serious criticism during the past several weeks.

The program is being charged with taking jobs away from Canadians and permanent residents, leaving locals unemployed while depressing the wage levels of those who are employed.   The criticism of the program has been both severe and swift.  The pressure has been so great that the federal government has just this week proposed various reforms to the program.

Throughout the latest firestorm there has not been enough debate of substance. Rather, and unfortunately, the bulk of the discussion on this issue has consisted of overreaching claims regarding the apparent damage this program is doing to Canada’s labour market and the impact it has on foreigners.

While this can be partly explained by the emotions that this topic has ignited, it is of paramount importance that policy relating to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program be formed in an atmosphere of reasoned and informed debate.

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