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One Retailer’s Creative Approach to Discipline


We strive to bring you the most recent and significant updates in labour, employment, and pension law, but sometimes (particularly on a Friday) we like to bring you something a bit more light-hearted.  Rhonda’s poem about the tort of intrusion upon seclusion was a great example.

This one is from the creative discipline file. According to a UK newspaper, the Milan flagship store of a fashion retailer—equally well known for the physical appearance of its staff and its racy advertising as its clothing—has instituted a novel disciplinary measure.  Male staff members who fail to properly greet customers or to follow supervisors’ instructions are required to do 10 push-ups.  Female staff members are required to do 10 squats.

It is an interesting approach to discipline and perhaps it helps to maintain the renowned/reviled physique of the company’s staff, but it is not one we would recommend here in Ontario.  If you are looking for some legal (if less creative) information about progressive discipline, consider registering for our Managing the Workplace seminar on discipline.

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